White Hues

There’s a first time for everything. I would have never thought to one day find the perfect little couture dress to wear to Paris Couture Week. I always try to go for casual outfits with a little twist. It’s my third couture week to date and every time I want to be able to try on new styles, different materials, contrasting textures, new embroideries.

The nice little story is that I have been in contact with Krikor Jabotian since the day I started my blog. We used to communicate by Facebook messages and I remember planning to interview Krikor for the blog and another publication. You know how hectic things can get so I never really had the chance to do so. His dreamy designs never stopped making me dream and as they say, everything happens for a reason. I was so excited to work with his team and choosing this unseen dress as my look for Valentino’s Couture show.

Why this dress? For many reasons. I have never been a fan of feathers but this piece made my hear melt. My favorite thing about this dress? The three different textures: I love how the upper part contrasts with the feathers and then with the skirt that is entirely beaded. Show-stopper. Why this color? Because it is one of Krikor’s emblematic hues and I could only see myself wearing it as a first appearance in Jabotian’s designs.

Was I freezing? Yes I was but just for the pictures. Haha, you know we all have our little tricks! 

Loved wearing the dress with a pair of Aquazzura that added a little shine to the dress, along with a transparent Lafshar clutch to keep everything else neutral, simple, minimalistic.

Would you wear couture to a show again? Of course. Because couture doesn’t mean long evening gown with exaggerated details. Couture is all about craftsmanship and that detail that will make you stand out.

IMG_6245-Edit IMG_6185-Edit IMG_6195-Edit IMG_6284-Edit IMG_6144-Edit IMG_6344-Edit IMG_6067-Edit IMG_6163-Edit IMG_6346-Edit IMG_6178-Edit IMG_6205-Edit IMG_6213-Edit IMG_6311-Edit

I am wearing: Krikor Jabotian couture dress, Aquazzura heels, Lafshar clutch.

Location: Palais Royal, Paris, France

Photography: Hana Levan

Fashionably yours,


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