Style your closet: My Wedding Dress, Inside Out!!

    Every (or almost) little girl starts fantasizing about the wedding dress of her dreams (the groom existing or not doesn’t matter) while playing Barbie (LOL). So no matter how late this event is planned in her life, she always has this little image of her perfect gown. Then we grow up and we learn...

    Every (or almost) little girl starts fantasizing about the wedding dress of her dreams (the groom existing or not doesn’t matter) while playing Barbie (LOL). So no matter how late this event is planned in her life, she always has this little image of her perfect gown.
Then we grow up and we learn that this is only something material. But still, it is something important for many women on earth. I personally have a passion for wedding dresses, it’s like something I like to look at, and this is accentuated by my adoration for haute couture. I just love how a unique concept can lead to so many creations!!! Amazing.

The differences of culture, of religions, of nationalities but especially of tastes and personalities make that our choices in that matter varies.
When looking at any bride, I believe we can always tell a bit of her personality and way of being just from her dress and the way she combs her hair. This is something I like to observe when I attend wedding or when I see picture of any celebrity.
Silk, tulle, lace, short, long, puffy, tight, white, pearl, beige…and the list describing the possibilities of wedding dresses goes on and on.

For this article, I selected some celebrities that wore distinctly different dresses to show you how important it is for you to make the right choices. Or in other words, the choices that will resemble you the most, put you at ease and make you shine for your unique day. You don’t want to get married everyday, it could lose its charm:p…not funny I know.

        I first chose Lady Diana and Celine Dion. When looking at their dresses, we can see that they clearly chose something extremely classical and royal. The two dresses are extremely puffy in typical Meringue style, they have long sleeves and a lot of pearls and crystals. I personally think that Lady Diana’s dress reflect her new position as member of the English Royal family (it was made of silk taffeta, and decorated with lace, embroidery, sequins, and 10,000 pearls, this was definitely a dress for a Princess) but I’m sure that she would have chose something simpler if she could.  As for Celine Dion, it shows her taste for classics and extremely fine art work.

Celine Dion and her husband Rene
Classical and royal dress. I don’t like the tiara though!

Lady Diana looking wonderful
   2) Now, look at these two Vera Wang wedding dresses for Khloe Kardashian and Hilary Duff. These gowns show a very young and modern spirit where simplicity and a natural look are the goals. I like how these dresses show their curves and the tulle giving an impression of lightness and comfy. I also adore this shape, we call it “sireine” in French for mermaid. It’s becoming more of a modern trend!! The white color used is a classic touch.

Sketch and actual Vera Wang wedding
dress designed for Hilary Duf.
This suits her so well and the material used
is so simple, fresh and classy.

Khloe looking fabulous, this dress
is the perfect one for her, showing her
nice curves and her out-going personality.

  3) Kendra’s wedding dress shows a glamorous girl (over $100k worth of jewels on it !! ) wearing the pure example of a Disney princess wedding dress. I love the textile used and the waves of the dress but also its length and how it gives more allure to Kendra. She also looks way taller. Love this one!!!

The typical Disney princess dress
Kendra posing at her wedding.

4) Eva Longoria got her wedding dress designed personally by Angel Sanchez. The shape of this dress is very particular, she also introduced a bit of silver. I just think  that the dress makes Eva looking too skinny! But she’s the bride, she chooses.

Eva Longoria looking stunning  with the extra
silk gazar metallic embroidery, but in my opinion
too skinny. Here posing with husband T.Parker.

Angel Sanchez Designer Sketch

5) Finally, I found the two dresses that Nancy Ajram bought from Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad. The one with the black bow is very original, because this bow will match the groom’s one…it’s something new. The other dress she wore was only for her personal photo shoot before the ceremony to which she wore the first one.

The second dress, original with the bow and
I love the subtle use of lace covering the dress.
Very nice hair.
Nancy looking fresh and cute in this dress

6) Finally I’m going to choose a dress from Elie Saab’s collections, one of my favorite designers in haute couture. This dress when presented 2 years ago had a lot of success and I like it for the detailed work. This picture is not very clear but we can see that he chose a simple shape in order to work on decorating the textile.

Elie Saab is a genius. And I love how the model is on a higher platform.
This dress is original for the textile used and the precise work with crystals and small pearls.

There is a final dress, my favorite on earth and it probably will be my   choice if I ever get lucky enough to have it my way later later later on. But won’t show it to you. Haha !!

Now what about you? Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of it. And you boys don’t feel like you’re totally out of the subject, I’m sure you have your points of view on that.

Fashionably yours,
                                  Lana xx

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  1. bestyhus says:

    my view on this is i love how romantic-dreamy-tout en ayan les pieds sur terre- you can be little sahely, and tht ill also love to see you later later later later on wearing the dress of your dreams , je taime:) nice article !

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