Tom Bachik, Nail Designer

This was perhaps one of the most exciting interviews I was able to get in Cannes. It was the first time that I actually meet a professional from the nail industry. Tom Bachik is one of the top “MAN”-icurists in the world. Known as the “Rad Manicurist”, he has an amazing ability of actually create...

This was perhaps one of the most exciting interviews I was able to get in Cannes. It was the first time that I actually meet a professional from the nail industry. Tom Bachik is one of the top “MAN”-icurists in the world. Known as the “Rad Manicurist”, he has an amazing ability of actually create stunning nail designs. J-Lo, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and so many others are some of the A-List celebrities who work with Tom to perfect their manis and pedis. He also works with top fashion publications (Vogue, Elle, etc.) and along with major design houses like Chanel, Hermes and Gucci.

Bachik has been named as L’Oreal Paris’ Global Spokesperson and I loved discovering the amazing person he truly is. With a graphic artist background, he constantly designs very fashion-forward nails look, whether it’s very elegant and classic or extremely artistic, bold and cutting edge. He definitely is the Go-To-Must-Have Guy at Hollywood’s most fashion-forward celebrations and events including the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and Golden Globes.

I was able to ask him several questions and get you many tips on how to take great care of your nails and rock the latest styles.

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LS: Nail art was booming two years ago, is it still in and what are the new trends?

TB: Omg! Yes. I think for the nail art itself, it takes a big key from fashion but also from the personalities that wear and I think that’s why it got so popular because it allowed women to show a little bit more from their personalities. Another great thing is that you see what’s happening on the catwalk, the runways and maybe you can’t afford that gown or that pair of shoes but you can do that little nail art inspired by the cut, the patterns or the colors of these pieces and it allows you to be part of the experience. I think that’s why nail art is such a big trend and I feel like it’s now part of our culture and it’s not going to go away. But the style of nail art evolves as well as much as fashion over time. Now that styles are a little bit more simplistic and architectural, nail art is following.

LS: So more lines? More symmetry maybe?

TB: Exactly! More lines, more symmetry like bold stripes and patterns on some parts of the nails. I also see some vintage floral prints. It’s now something in between art deco and architecture and then on another hand something sweet and floral. Nail art was crazy before and now it’s getting a little bit more subtle, it’s going to be on a nail or two. A little effect. Something showing that “I care about my nails” but not exaggerating, not so “in your face”. We will have a lot of tone on tone. Blue on blue, different shades of red, etc. So you can have fun with the colors in a reverse way. A triangle in the nail on a very natural nail for example. All you’re doing is taking away some of the color.

LS: Nude or Red? What would you say?

Oh my Gosh. Red because it’s exciting but nude because it’s so beautiful. One is classic and beautiful and one is classic and elegant.

LS: How do you get inspired to find all of those new nail designs? Fashion?

For me, it’s mainly fashion but I’m kind of inspired but a lot of other different things. Architecture, colors. I’ll take pictures of flowers, advertisement and what I see people wearing on the streets. Some people put amazing things together!

LS: What is the rule for hands and toes nails? Do they need to match or can we have fun? Which colors work best together?

I think a nude toe is always beautiful, just like a pair of nude heels, it always helps elongating the nail. You can never go wrong with nude toes and it always looks beautiful and clean. A full coverage nude, so chic, love that.

LS: What will be THE color of this summer?

TB: BLUE! Different blues. I like anywhere from a blue with a lavender to it (a little bit vintage) but also a very bright nautical blue. So, definitely saturated intense colors, not neon but very bright and bold.

LS: What’s you number one advice to women when it comes to nails?

It has to do with the care of the nails. Keep your nails well hydrated. We wash our hands so much and the soaps we use are anti-microbial so it’s important to hydrate the nails. People don’t believe it but nail-polish make the nails dry and over time the nails will chop and break. A little tip I have is to use L’Oreal Age Perfect Oil and put a drop on your nails right before bed and rub it all over your polish.

LS: O whow, I didn’t know  it would work all over the polish!

TB: Especially if you have polish. It will rehydrate the skin and it will penetrate quickly, it will also rehydrate the polish. Since this oil is for the face, it will dry quickly and will not leave a sensation of greasy fingers.

LS: We all have issues with our nails and we neglect this point thank you. Hope you’re enjoying Cannes.

TB: Yes, so much, my fourth year and it’s still as crazy! You have to be adaptable to changes. This season, in terms of red carpet trend for Cannes, it’s very classic, very old-Hollywood glam. Nothing crazy, simple matching the fingers and toes using a very classy and elegant shade. Not a lot of glitter and bling this year. Just red and nude for this Cannes season!

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