Tricks and Trends: Forever Boho!

We all love the free-flowing fashion that glows of self-expression! Let me restate that, we all ADORE Bohemian or Boho fashion! This very casual mix of hippie, ethnic, gypsy and vintage elements is definitely one of my favorite fashion looks and I personally use a lot of boho details in my outfits. One thing we should...

We all love the free-flowing fashion that glows of self-expression! Let me restate that, we all ADORE Bohemian or Boho fashion! This very casual mix of hippie, ethnic, gypsy and vintage elements is definitely one of my favorite fashion looks and I personally use a lot of boho details in my outfits. One thing we should all keep in mind is that boho fashion is more of a state of mind rather than just a fashion trend that could face with time. This style is also often called hippie-chic or even hobo-chic.

Great picture from a Boho shoot- Love her outfit and her hair!

If we go back for a little bit, the term bohemian is modernly applied to people who live unconventional and/or artistic lives. However, when it comes to this fashion style, it was kind of back in 2004 with Sienna Miller who was seen many times in this style.  Since then, it has been popping a lot on runways. Let’s say that nowadays, boho is done with much more glamour so that the modern woman would feel fashionable instead of old-fashioned when she’s putting up such a look. Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny, Misha Barton and the Olsen twins are also other important influences in bohemian style.

Mary Kate in an ultimate bohemian style

To be efficient and brief, I will first introduce to you the several steps to know how play it boho, then I’ll go through a top 10 must-have items in your closet in order to set this style and finally I’ll give few examples.

I-STEPS to grasp Boho styling:

  1. Inspire yourself of fashion icons

Who better than celebrities and models can show us how to and how not to. When I say here inspire yourself, I don’t necessarily mean that you should look at bohemian embracers. You might rather look at any distinguishable fashion icon, someone who’s not following the pack.

Sienna Miller - Isn't she just perfect at it?

Misha Barton in boho type of swimsuit

Nicole Richie in casual boho

Sienna Miller in genie (Sherwell) pants- Boho Styling

Sienna Miller

Look at someone like Grace Kelly who’s very elegant and classy, she’s bohemian because she has her own way.

Gorgeous Grace Kelly in Rear

Get fashion magazines, read blogs and start developing your own sense of fashion.

           2. Do as you like

This is the most important part of the page; you must do it your own way. Even if Boho-chic means flowy skirts, flip-flops and messenger bags, you should wear your feathered layer skirt even if you don’t know anyone who would wear it.

Amazing outfit! So glam! (from a random photoshoot)

           3. Mix it up

Learn how to make use of your entire wardrobe, learn how to pair pieces. It is often easy for women to match colors and clothes so perfectly but when you pay attention to the fashion greats we just mentioned, you should notice that they add life to their outfits in the craziest of ways. You also must know that boho can be anything: it can be glam, classy, edgy rocker, simply hippie and so many other styles. It’s about adapting the concept to what you love.

Example of a glamorous bohemian outfit

An idea of a Casual Bohemian Outfit

Edgy Rocker bohemian fashion outfit

Classy Bohemian Outfit

           4. Accessorize

This is the key step. Details are important in the world of boho fashion. It is all about the small things: berets, headscarves, belts, moccasins, cowboy boots, and layered necklaces. The difference between someone simple and someone with a bohemian sense of style is in the accessories.

          5. Something not to do

If bohemian is about layers and different levels of clothes, the most difficult part is not to over do it. Pants with a shirt, a long sweat, a 2 layered necklace and a scarf could be too much.

Mary Kate Olsen in an overdone boho outfit- Remember that too much makes it #fail.

II- TOP 9 must-have BOHO items:

1. Boho Handbags

These purses are typically slouchy with or without ethnic prints.

Messenger Bag with double buckle $112 at Zara

Black Floral Antique Print Canvas shopper $17 at Topshop

2. Boho Shoes

Gladiator sandals, moccasins, suede and leather boots in earthy colors like black, dark brown, tan, ivory and olive green are typical boho’ish shoes.

Combined Wedge $36 at Zara

Flat Elasticated Ankle Boot- $90 at Zara

Embellished Strappy Sandals $110 at Zara

Wedge Lace-Up Ankle Boot- $132 at Zara

3. Boho Headbands and Scarves

Land by land Leather wrap $176 at

Dauphines of New York-Cleopatra Headband $42 at

Eugenia Kim headband $99 at

Land by land amy headband $58 at

From exotic Indian scarves to floral folkloric designs.

Triple Print Scarf $36 at Zara

Cable knit scarf $20 at Topshop

4. Boho Jewelry

Boho jewelry doesn’t cost that much and it can create multiple looks with the same outfit. You’ll get the most out of your money!

Diagonal Triple Stone ring $16 at Topshop

Premium Multi eye cluster ring $20 at Topshop

Floral ring- $10-Topshop

Eagle Collar- $13 at Topshop

Shake Spike Stretch Bracelet $45 at Topshop

Faceted Wristband $30 at Topshop

Chloe Stud Earings $40-

baby chandelier earrings by Melinda Maria $95 at

Beaded chandelier earrings $42 at

Kenneth Jay Lane hoop earrings $33 at

5. Boho Dresses

From tunic, maxi beach dresses, sun, mini and kimono dresses.

Silk Floral Kimono- $80 at Topshop

Silk Mini Dress $84 by Traffic People for Toshop

Bright Red Jersey Maxi Dress $40 at Topshop

6. Boho Skirts

From tie dyes, tiered, feathered, leathered to simple cottoned.

Holy tee long skirt $46- at

Ronny Kobo skirt $36 at

Myne Jazz Long skirt $105 at

7. Boho Pants

Skinny Trousers $52 at Zara

Printed Trousers $83 At Zara

8. Boho Tops

Boho tops are flowy in design with vintagey details and sometimes ethnic prints. They range from tunics, shirts, kaftans, babydoll to kimonos.

Floral Night Crop Tee $40 at Topshop

Boho Kaki Emellished Tunic- $83- Topshop

Floral Shirt $50 at Zara

9. Boho Hats & Belts

Braided Sash with feathers $30 at Zara

Die-Cast elasticated belt $23 at Zara

Tito Hand Knit hat $88 Mac by Marc Jacobs at

Melissa Odabash Panama Hat $33 at

Bettes Hat bu Malene Birger $140 at

III-Few Examples:

Now here are some fast examples about outfits you can create with items already available in your closet.

1)   If you have a long white maxi dress, pick a very colorful headband, a vintage turquoise belt, brown sandals and a read trench coat. Wow!

2)   Any ordinary woman would wear a white blose with a black pencil skirt and black patent pumps but if she’s really daring, she’d pick a leather handbag. On the other hand, a woman with a bohemian attitude would wear that same blouse underneath a black 1920s style shift dress, black tights and ankle boots and put something like a beret or a clustered clip of gemstones in her hair. Remember that as far as the handbag is going, possibilities are endless.

3)   If love tunics, it’s about time to wear them over skirts.

4)   Wear your pants loosely belted if you like. It would look amazing when accessorized and paired with ankle boots.

5)   Remember that vintage jewelry and fashion items always have a place in a Bohemian ensemble.

Fashionably yours,

and forever boho,

Lana xx


  1. lily says:

    YOU would love my BOHO treasures! Looking forward to discussing.

  2. Emma says:

    Really cool blog, the tips are great! 🙂 xoxo

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