SS2016 catwalk atmosphere – Westwood, Van Noten & Chalayan.

As we end our Spring summer catwalk coverage, here are the last three unique sets worth mentioning from the most important fashion capitals.

Vivienne Westwood

Protestors holding banners, crowned models… consumerism and fossil fuel dependence were the cause behind Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label fashion show. Knee length dresses, Scarlet florals, embroideries and many other exceptional pieces took the runway by storm.

vivienne westwood

Dries Van Notten

Rusting girders and a crumbling concrete loading bay gave the Dries Van Notten show an incredible industrial feel and created the perfect atmosphere for the traditional ‘identity pieces’ of the designer; jacquard, brocade, silk, purple, ocher, blue and pastel oranges.

van noten

Hussein Chalayan

Let’s start by talking about the show’s midway point; two models standing under a shower, their specially fabricated coat melt to make place for a great revelation, two Chalayan’s sparkly gowns, inspired by his trip to Cuba, the designer states that he used water to represent a military invasion as something playful.


Stay tuned as we take over new fashion shows and new seasons! Here’s to a lot of outstanding runways!