SS2016 catwalk atmosphere – Vuitton, Hilfiger & Celine

As we continue our take over on the most important fashion shows, we paint in words, the unique sets and moments from Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger and Celine.

Louis Vuitton

‘We are all living in this new dimension’ said Nicolas Ghesquiere, ‘we are all managing how to integrate these new notions of digital, virtual and cyber with our real life.’

Inspired by ‘Wong Kar Wai 2046’ and the ‘Anime’ series Evangelion, the show was introduced with a robotized voice saying: ‘A journey to the frontiers of the digital era, unleashing a parade of cyberpunk dolls armed with high tech garments that are far from being synthetic like real digital gypsies.

louis vuitton

Tommy Hilfiger

A tiki lounge enough to give you that summer rush, a white sand runway enough to make you feel the sun kissing your skin, Bob Marley’s reggae beats enough to lift your spirits high, with that fresh escape come Tommy Hilfiger’s striped fabrics, vibrant colors, crochet garments and swimwear.

tommy hilfiger


‘It’s about taking her out of urban life and putting her feet on the sand. It’s where I long to be more and more.’ Phoebe Philo’s escape all happened on a conceptual tented-inspired background, completed with a mechanistic drumming. On the catwalk, 90’s slip dresses curvy shoulder lines, milkmaid necklines corsets and pants.


Stay tuned as the coming article focuses on the atmosphere in Vivienne Westwood, Dries Van Noten and Hussein Chalayan.