PINK, the sweetest color that you could add to your home.

Contribution: Jana Ezzeddine, Interior Architect


Celebrating October as breast cancer awareness month, decochic’s October posts will be going pink too. Appreciating this color for its femininity and hopeful vibes; today we will go through some oh-so-chic pinks that will help you never go wrong with this color.

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Pink is one of the trickiest colors to work with. It could go really bad really quickly. When most people think about pink interiors, images of cotton candy or girls’ nurseries pop into their heads. But the key in using pink is in selecting the right shade and combining it with the right colors. Keep in mind that the most important part when choosing color schemes is to understand which colors work best together and to also decide on the mood you are aiming to create. Are you looking for a contrasting effect that emphasizes your favorite hues? Or are you going for a harmonious concept where all colors blend smoothly together. Let’s visualize these schemes with some examples of different degrees of pink and the hues that work well with them.

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Don’t be afraid to mix your pinks with bolder more masculine colors; charcoal greys and even black. It could be the needed touch to balance out its femininity. You can also go for unusual accent colors such as olive green and navy blue.

Finishing off this post with a deepest wish; may the end of all breast cancer battles be as bright and lovely as the color pink…and the women fighting them.