N+TC Gym Classes – Now in Beirut!

ey’re able to create an entire world that encourages us to live new experiences, to change our lifestyles. What I love about Nike as a sportswear brand is that it has its own world with different facilities that transform a regular customer into a strong believer in the label’s messages.

I was very happy to co-host, along with trainers Carine Zard and Diala El-Khazen a very interesting event held at Nike’s biggest store in Beirut souks. Our aim was first and foremost to empower women and encourage them to always want to become fitter, to be “#betterforit”. During this event, we announced the launch of the Nike Training Club (N+TC) classes in Beirut for the first time!! These classes are going to be offered at GO by U Energy by Nike trainers. I think this is a very important move that everyone should know about. These classes are free and open to women from all ages, this incentive is major as it truly aims at helping women of all ages to achieve their fitness goals. You don’t have to have an impossible goal to attend these classes!

During the event, Carine and Diala explained how the N+TC mobile application includes more than a hundred workouts inspired with celebrity athletes and fitness icons. I personally am already a user of this app as it’s a life savior when I’m on a trip to fashion week or any work trip. You can literally pick the workout that suits your goals while choosing the number of minutes and the part of your body you want to focus on. The modern woman has to always seek becoming fitter, healthier, stronger. This is where the world is going. Time to change your lifestyle.

I want to thank all of the personalities and media that made it to the event, it was a pleasure having you and styling you in fun Nike outfits, I loved it. Nike fashion is not restricted to the gym. Yes, we’ve been seeing Nike shoes styled with the most elegant dresses! I explained how it’s important to feel great when you workout. It’s important to feel stylish! After all, going to the gym is a proper outing!!

I want to end this post by inviting you all to call GO by U Energy and book your free spot for the FIRST N+TC class that will be given on Monday November 2nd. If you attend the class, snap a picture, share it on Instagram, tag @larmoiredelana, hashtag #betterforit. The most-liked picture will win a very special prize that I will announce on Tuesday November 24th. Let’s DO THIS!

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