Lana Talks To: Ghalia Boustani, founder and designer of Collectible

I had the pleasure to interview last week Ghalia Boustani, founder and designer of the brand Collectible. A must-discover Lebanese brand by you all! 1)    Good morning Ghalia! It’s good to have you on L’Armoire De Lana today. Let me start by asking you: how and when did you start off Collectible? Collectible was born in...

I had the pleasure to interview last week Ghalia Boustani, founder and designer of the brand Collectible. A must-discover Lebanese brand by you all!
Good morning Ghalia! It’s good to have you on L’Armoire De Lana today. Let me start by asking you: how and when did you start off Collectible?
Collectible was born in November 2011; after working on a thorough branding strategy and a keen statement of the brand’s personality and visual identity, the brand has been registered and collections were put to development.2)     I know that you handle a lot more than Collectible, tell us more about that!
After a long journey in the fashion retail field as well as acquiring a Master of Arts in London, I decided to found a fashion services company, Book of Charms in order to be able to cater to start-up ventures or established brand’s needs. I have also founded Collectible, a fashion brand that is designed to present quality pieces to selective a audience.

I teach at the Notre Dame University and Esmod and give workshops and lectures regarding fashion marketing, branding, marketing strategies and retail management.
3)     Why naming your brand “Collectible”?
The name is a true reflection of what the brand offer: Pieces that are collectible, and that not many own.

At the time when fashion has become a commodity that feeds consumer’s thirst to appealing and belonging, rather than a reflection of one’s true needs, the idea behind the development of Collectible was to offer the wearer an identity that elevates her form the “common” and adheres her personal favorites through her choice of Collectible items.
4)     Is there anything in particular that inspires you or is it different for every collection?
Inspiration comes from everything that I see, I listen to, I read and I experience. There is no static door for the collection’s inspirations… it is simply a reflection of the times.
5)     I also noticed how great the quality of your products is, which isn’t always the case in Lebanon for other brands. What’s your secret?
The secret? 🙂

It is all about the choice of the positioning of one’s brand on the market and amongst the competition.
Collectible’s pieces aim to reflect quality; and this through the development of the pattern, choice of material, sewing and finishing. Also, quality comes hand in hand with time. Making Collectible pieces takes longer. More often require different skilled personnel to be able to reflect the desired outfit.
So the secret is no secret; a simple equation that comes down to the fact that: if the brand wants to produce high quality, it has to invest higher costs and greater times… on the other end of the spectrum, a customer whom appreciates that effort is defiantly an ideal one; this is when the recipe to success blossoms.
6)     Do you have a style icon? If yes, who and why?
I pay respect to designers and artists; definitely look up to them and their working methods, and always inspired by their stories, their opinions and views on matters.

Nevertheless, my true icon is the women who have the ability to define her looks and style, making it looks so natural and effortless. This woman is the type of person who knows what she wants because she understands and values the choices that she encounters. Her assertiveness is her virtue… and this makes it my deal icon.
7)     What can you tell us about your latest collection? What inspired you and why?
Four collections have been developed for the spring and summer period.

The collection that has been launched beginning of June, entitled “Dinner in Sevilla”, was indented to mirror a woman’s feelings when preparing to go out to dinner. The choice of the city, Sevilla, has been chosen because of the cultural warmth one feels when visiting or living in it. colors and fabrics of the collection are the simplest and most traditional ones: Crepe and lace.
However, the way each dress was finished, along with the marriage of the fabrics and cuts of the garments gave the collection that passionate screaming feeling.
8)     What is your favorite piece from your new collection?
I really like the knee length black dress that is delicately overstitched and has a full back of defining bows.

This piece is as simple as it might be; however it will reflect the wearer’s taste and guarantee heads turning over her!!
9)  How would you best describe your personal style?
I am always in favor for garments that represent comfort when wearing them.

Along with that I generally choose very plain colors with distinctive cuts, pairing them with a detailed accessory, or go fun mixtures of prints and varieties of textures…
All in all the style travels between defined and quirky.
10)  Do you read fashion blogs? (if yes, please specific which) Or are you more of a magazine person?
I enjoy reading magazines (and the majority are not fashion related J ).

Browsing the web is ideal to accessing information, opinions and finding; this is where I spend a big chunk of time researching and reading. I occasionally access blogs to get personalized insights about the fashion scene… anyway a blogger’s voice remains true to what he writes and the reality that he reflects!
I am happy to check “fashion wandering” and “The Sartorialist” and “L’armoire de Lana”.
11)  Last but not least, what are your future plans for Collectible?
The brand is being nurtured and growing into its phase of development. The aim is to move represent the brand in a selection of events that allow customers to have access to unique collections (we call them stories!) and that will meet the need of the customer whom seeks to wear “different items differently”. So… stay tuned!

Thank you for your time Ghalia! Await more about Collectible soon on L’Armoire De Lana!
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Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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