Keep Your Skin Healthy/Hydrated

Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated requires a lot of work and dedication. It should be part or your daily routine. However, we all get caught up with our daily life we end up forgetting all about it. Today, I simply want to remind you of few easy tips on how to keep your flawless skin healthy and hydrated.

1) Water, water, water.

The easiest way to hydrate your skin is to keep your body hydrated from the inside, and 80% of your body is made of water. Hence, drinking around 8 glasses of water (2 L) a day will keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

I know it’s not easy to remember, especially when you have a busy day and I know that many of you don’t necessarily like the taste of water, this is why, you must find ways around it. Personally, I slice a lemon and put it in a 1.5L of water long with few fresh mint leaves, then I leave it in the fridge and I consume it the day after. It keeps me hydrated, it tastes good and it helps with water retention!

2) Avoid Hot Water

Having a steamy hot shower or bath is relaxing and makes you feel good, I know. But, we are all guilty of this bad habit, it’s not in fact that healthy for our skin. On the contrary, it dries out the skin as it doesn’t keep it hydrated at all because it strips away the skin’s natural oils.
As a result, try to keep the water cool or limit your hot showers to about 10 minutes to avoid washing away a lot of your natural oils, this is extremely important for the elasticity of your skin!

3)  Eat Water Rich foods

Foods that are rich in water water can be as hydrating and healthy for your skin and body as water.
Water-dense fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, plums, cucumbers, peaches, lettuce and many others have a high % of water, vitamins, and minerals which will help your skin stay hydrated and healthy.












4) Hydrating Masks:

The new trend might actually be more helpful than you think! Occasionally putting on a hydrating mask, is a plus.
It’s just a way to help your face feel extra hydrated. The best time to put on the mask, is after a long trip, a busy day or even after a hectic event, basically after any activity that is not within your daily routine. Not only if will make your skin more hydrated but it will also relax you. It’s important to pamper yourself.




5) Moisturize

ALWAYS moisturize before putting on makeup. Makeup might enhance your beauty from the outside but it’s no good for your skin, it dries it out, it doesn’t allow your face to be hydrated. It doesn’t allow your skin to breath, it closes your pores. I know, I know that we cannot live without makeup anymore, it’s just incredible how good it makes us feel!
Think about applying a hydrating face cream or moisturizer to make sure it’s fresh and moisturized before putting any product on it. However, never over moisturize, a couple of times a day are more than enough!
Needless to say that you should never forget to take off your makeup before bed. It’s one of the things that save my skin, especially with all the photo-shoots and the constant work that requires I have makeup all day.

6) Sweating

Sweating helps you eliminate toxic chemicals that are under your skin. Why neglecting this important tip? Exercising not only helps you maintain a healthy circulation and blood flow throughout your body, but it does the same to your facial skin. I love how pinky my cheeks looks after every workout!

7) Aloe vera and honey:

They are known to be nature’s beauty saviors. You can add aloe vera gel over an extra-dry skin. The acids in it help speed up the healing process by eating away the dead skin cells. It’s actually the treatment given after a sun burn, it’s so efficient!

Honey is naturally hydrating and actually helps calm any source of irritations on your skin. You can simply apply honey to the extra dry skin and leave it for five minutes. Repeat the process for a couple of days and your skin will feel different.


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  1. Batoul yassine

    Hi lana, its batoul. Can you suggest a facial mask, and a cream to use before putting makeup as an evening makeup i mean no spf in the cream. I live in lebanon if this helps you choose brands available here 🙂
    Thank uu alot..Ramadan karim