Blue Bird

Every once in a while, we need a little escape. Considering my extremely hectic schedule, I weirdly get my little break from the world during Paris fashion week. I do spend all my days running from a show to another or from an interview to a presentation, I’m still away from my Beirut bubble, away from the people I’m constantly in contact with. It’s time for another crowd, my fashion acquaintances with whom I share the most delightful fashion week experiences, little inside jokes and my excited feedback as soon as the models hit the catwalk for the finale.

I gladly call Paris home, I’m lucky to come several times a year since my tender childhood and my attachment to my French education keeps me sane. When in Paris, there’s something about the streets, the people, the city that is so charming making me always wanting to be at my fashionable best. Imagine how multiplied this feeling gets during fashion week. Everything is beautiful, the city is taken by the fashion craze, we spot the craziest looks just around the corner and we want to be seen as well.

Yes, we want to be seen, we want our little (or enormous) outfit efforts to be spotted, immortalized in pictures, shared, liked, commented on. As a fashion blogger, I can’t but give outmost important to the looks I prepare for fashion week, I love sharing my personal style and it has always been part of the blog regardless the other side of it solely focused on my reviews.

Blue. My ultimate favorite color. Almost all shades of blue, the lightest ones to be more accurate. While I’m not usually a fan of feathers, I couldn’t resist the charm of this pretty little baby blue feathered dress. During fashion week, since I spend most of my days out, I like to get early back home to work on my articles.

That night, it was different. My articles could wait. Paris was calling me once more. This time in a more sensual and intimate way. It was midnight in Paris and I still wanted to take a stroll down the street dressed in the prettiest creation. Just like a blue bird freed in Paris, taking time for himself, walking, thinking, enjoying the eyes appreciating his beauty, forgetting about tomorrow. A little blue bird who needed nothing but calm during the madness.

I am wearing: Fendi SS15 blue feathers’ dress with crocodile belt, micro baguette with Karlitto, Dior nude pumps.

Photography: Journey Into La Ville Lumiere

Location: Paris, France

IMG_8192 IMG_8216 IMG_8234 IMG_8276 IMG_8359
IMG_8386 IMG_8393 IMG_8418 IMG_8428

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx