Your wardrobe?


-How would you describe your wardrobe?

I would say I am an eclectic dresser. My style is a mix of everything, sometimes it is classic with a twist, other days it is casual and laid back, but mostly it is feminine and simple. You can find almost any color in my closet and I love creating unusual palettes in my outfits.

– Do you have any specific habits in the way you organize your closet?

When it comes to my denim pants, I don’t fold them according to their color. I always separate similar colored pants with a contrasting pair so I can tell them apart easily. That way I know which pair to pull out without messing up the whole stack.

Another handy trick is the way I hang some of my bags on clothes hangers. It keeps them from forming those almost permanent crease lines.

 -What are your favorite items?

This summer I found myself being drawn by some cool metallic items. My metallic green bag is by Linabrax, my pants are from Morgan and Vero Moda, and my shoes are from Maria Pino.

As for my favorite clothing piece, I would have to say I am a huge fan of “the cardigan”. I feel it adds character and energy to any simple outfit.

 -What’s lacking in your closet?

Although I love anything girly, you don’t find a lot of skirts and casual dresses in my closet.

 -What do you find the most in your closet?

I am a total makeup and accessories junkie. Part of that is because I am a lazy shopper and I find it easier to try on shoes and bags rather than clothes.
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