Yes, I have cellulite too!


I don’t know if it’s the bridal mode entirely kicking in but the closer the date of my wedding, the pickier I’m becoming. The peak happened last week when I noticed that I actually have cellulite on my legs from behind. I have to admit that it’s just a tiny bit but it drove me crazy. Obviously, I started asking around for the fastest existing solutions! Turned out, it’s a combination of several things: cardio exercises, massages, drinking water heavily and cutting on sugar and fat. Most of these things are already part of my routine but hey, why not giving these cellulite massage a try? I’ve been doing them for the last three weeks and I’m already seeing results! The trick is to make sure your therapist is using a good lifting oil as well as a anti-cellulite cream. My favorite is the Body Lift Cellulite Control by Clarins. Excellent!