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White for balance, purity, innocence, comfort, peace, hope…On this November 22nd, I want to wish Lebanon a Happy Independence Day. I don’t know how happy we can allow ourselves to be today or how satisfied with our country’s situation we can admit to be. Nonetheless, Lebanon stays Lebanon. Our home, our pride, our strength, our source of love.

On the Lebanese flag, the red represents the blood shed to preserve the country against invaders and the presence of the Cedar in the middle is one of the Lebanon’s main symbols. As for the white color, it represents the snow as a symbol of purity and peace.

Today, I wear white and I hope for new beginnings, for blank canvas to write beautiful stories on.

I hope that by next year we will be celebrating this day more happily, I hope we will give it more credibility.

Meanwhile, I will wake up everyday with new dreams, new projects, new ideas with hopes to change the world’s image of Lebanon. We should all write inspiring stories that will elevate our country’s history and make us, with time, forget the atrocities and move forward.

I am wearing: Sandra Mansour SS15 dress, Prada silver sandals.
Special thanks: Uber Beirut (Make sure to follow them on Instagram: Uber_Beirut)
Photography: Bachar Srour
Location: Gemmayzeh Lebanon

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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