Wonderwomen, mind your powers.

By: Shoug Al Nafisi

Fake it ‘til you become it.”


Amy Cuddy explains how our body language can actually shape who we are. She demonstrates how standing in positions of power for a few minutes can actually change the way we perceive ourselves, and actually give us the upper hand. Cuddy is a social psychologist, with a TED talk among the 20 most popular talks of all time.

After watching her talk, it would only be right to figure out ways to stay calm – or act like it – when in public.

5 ways to keep your cool in any unpleasant confrontation:

  1. Breathe

Count sheep if it helps. Do whatever you can to buy yourself some time before your urge to respond takes over.

  1. Focus on staying in the zone

Stay focused on the point of the conversation to get through it as quickly and as cleanly as possible. Shut down any distracting signals that entice a response beyond the point.

  1. Walk into the battlefield being already in control

You know you might come across someone who’ll rub you the wrong way, so “power pose” before going in and keep up that attitude – mind you, this isn’t your cue to wear a crown or to pick a fight, just act like you’re in control of yourself. Eventually, you’ll get there!

  1. Go through your checklist.

Are you “hangry”? Or is there really something there?
Is the person facing you under pressure?
Knowing the circumstances buys you time, and saves you the energy of getting all worked up over any situation.

  1. Last resort? Take in all that you can, and leave it right there, leave, and then come back to it.

“Gandhi says relax.”