With My Micro Purse

I’m so excited to be the first fashion blogger worldwide to get my hands on the Fendi micro Baguette purse and style it!! I fell in love with this little beauty. It’s just incredible how something so small can add immensely to one’s look. It’s so elegant!

Let me start this post with this note: micro purses are the next trend, get ready for a major release of micro handbags across all luxury and mass brands. You will remember my words in June!

I was very excited to wear the micro Baguette purse to run several meetings around Paris. While some might argue that micro purses aren’t really practical, I reply that I always make sure I have a bag in my car with everything I could need during the day (makeup, wet-wipes, chargers, etc.).

Micro purses add so much class to daily looks as much as night ones. I loved wearing one with a tweed ensemble and super high heels. I love love love it! It’s just unreal.

The micro era is now here, is it the time to say goodbye to the minis? I know for a fact that this summer, micro bags are taking over your closets.

I am wearing: a powder pink and white tweed ensemble from Madiyah Al Sharqi, an anthracite coat from Surface To Air, silver sandals from Prada and a Fendi micro Baguette monster purse.

Photography: Mokhtar Beyrouth

Location: Paris, France

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx