Winter Folies

in our wardrobes; whether it’s a dress, pants, skirts or even a simple shirt. Modern fashion is all about simple pieces that are at the same time versatile and comfortable. Fur vests are also appropriate for any occasion if carefully styled up. It goes the same for hats; they can make any outfit look more stylish and at the same time save any bad-hair day!!

I’m currently loving the extreme cold in Beirut, we’ve been waiting for a proper winter season it’s been a while already. Time to take out your big coats, your fur vests, the big wool hats. They transform your looks, keep you warm and make you feel extremely beautiful.

I am wearing: Black blouse and fur vest  from Depeche Mode in Beirut Souks, black high waist shorts from Zara, olive green nano mini-luggage from Celine, Golden Goose sneakers in platine color and mirrored sunglasses from Chanel.

Photography: Bachar Srour

Location: Victor Hugo street, Beirut, Lebanon

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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3 Responses

  1. Carol

    I like your blog and admire your work but even though i am not a photographer i think you need a professional photographer to make the photos brighter and a bit more artistic.

    1. Hello Carol!!!! I hope you are well! Thank you for your sweet words about my blog!!! I always make sure to add the photographer credits in the posts. And as you can notice, I’ve been working with BACHAR SROUR, a very high end professional photographer who work with the biggest publications of the middle-east, L’Officiel Du Levant, etc. It’s just a specific artistic direction we chose to go for! I hope you enjoy! xx