White Out

15 is looking up and making headway as the freshest shade of the season. I love crisp clean whites, especially when styled with pastel hues.

It is generally accepted that white is a very tricky color, especially on lighter skins but I personally believe that the result is closely linked to how you style it. If you add pretty colors to contrast with your all-white look, it will soften the sometimes sharp aspect of any shades of white.

In extremely hot cities like Dubai, you want to be wearing colors making you feel fresher. Black is known to absorb heat; hence white seems the perfect solution.

On another note, I have to admit that for the past few months, I’m grateful to be feeling extremely peaceful. The numerous experiences I’ve been through in 2014 forged me to form a much more patient soul. Inner peace is the most important thing and it always reflects on your face. No matter what you are wearing and how you are styling it, your beauty will always come from within.

Being born in March, I feel in love with Lafshar’s clutch collection inspired by astrology, linking the birthday month to the corresponding marble color. Imagine my excitement when I realized light blue (my favorite!) was the shade chosen for March.

On another note, when styling crisp and plain white, make sure to introduce different fabrics or textures to make your look a little different. Loved adding the python touch with my shoes. I’m sure you can come up with strong twists!

Outfit Of The Day: white top and skirt available at Le Lobby concept store, Gianvito Rossi SS15 mules and Lafshar clutch (for March).

Photography: Carmen Breidy

DSC_5379 DSC_5413 DSC_5425 DSC_5430 DSC_5433 DSC_5448

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx