Wellness By The Sea

By: Michelle Merheb

Few places in Lebanon are as picturesque as the Eddé Sands seaside resort in Byblos. Owned by husband-and-wife team Roger and Alice Eddé, this sprawling beach destination is home to numerous pools and sunbathing areas, various restaurants, a world-class spa and, of course, the most pristine stretch of white-sand beach in the country.

Edde Sands 4

It’s in these idyllic surroundings that visionary Alice Eddé hosts her bi-annual Detox Wellness Week, the most recent of which took place at the end of October 2014. The most cutting-edge health and fitness program in Lebanon, Wellness Week combines an exercise routine, exquisite low-fat and low-calorie meals, spa treatments, healthy cooking classes and various other nature-inspired activities, in order to give visitors an all-encompassing sense of wellbeing.

Visitors can spend as along as they please at the resort during Wellness Week, from the entire seven-day experience to a couple of nights to a full day, from early morning until just after diner.

My companion and I had the fortune to spend one day at Eddé Sands and tried out the regimen first-hand. The day began with a nature walk at sunrise on that scenic white-sand beach, allowing us to awaken our sleepy limbs and breathe in the fresh morning sea air. Afterward, we immediately headed to La Pêche du Jour restaurant for a healthy breakfast – ginger tea, a wellness vegetable drink and warm oatmeal with fresh fruit. Light and tasty, the breakfast was also consistent enough to give us energy for the next phase of our wellness journey: the 90-minute yoga session.

Both the yoga and Pilates classes (taught on alternate days) are set beside Eddé Sands’ newly opened indoor pool, offering a tranquil environment in which to exercise and meditate.

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After yoga, we were invited to a wellness cooking class, in a airy space just above La Pêche du Jour, where were taught how to prepare two desserts: cheesecake and raw brownie, using nothing but healthy ingredients, and never having to heat the ingredients or use an oven. We enjoyed our own desserts right after the wellness lunch, which consisted of a refreshing green salad and raw vegetable lasagna made without pasta.

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In the afternoon, we had the option to relax and enjoy Edde Sands’ sprawling resort or take an aquafitness class. We opted for a lazy afternoon and then headed over to Eddé Sands’ famed spa, where I enjoyed a foot massage followed by a mini-facial, while my companion experienced the slimming body scrub and full body massage. (There are many more spa treatments available, many of which can be tailored to suite your specific needs, and all of which are administered by experienced beauty and massage specialists.)

As our wellness day came to an end, and we got ready to head back to Beirut, we were already making plans to sign up for Eddé Sands’ upcoming Detox Wellness Week, which is scheduled for the last week in March 2015. After all, a great experience certainly bears repeating.

Thank you Michelle. We can’t wait for next contribution.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx