Lana reviews: Roberto Cavalli- Milan Fashion Week

On the last day of Milan Fashion Week, the famous Italian designer obviously tried to prove that ‘black is back’. This might sound unusual to a lot of us since it’s not a typical summer color.

Let’s now go through a quick overview of his collection. Cavalli went for the 1920s and put the flapper dresses, fringing and lace at the first row.

1.Dress lengths varied from above the knee to floor-length, but the designer also offered slim pants, in leather or embroidered, paired with a tuxedo or Bolero jacket.

2.Pale floral fabrics contrasted nicely with sequins, lame and lace, which was mostly black.

3.Floor length dresses were fashioned from sheer chiffon and lace panels.

4.His sheer dresses had a nude effect.


Now the Economics’ student in me needs to point out something. Few minutes before the show, Roberto Cavalli spoke about his uneasiness with the current financial crisis. He focused on how he focused on the economic downturn when preparing the collection.

‘Today there is a very dark sky,’ he precisely said. I like when designers try to be realistic, I know he won’t lessen the prices of his creations but at least he makes us realize how all industries are affected and how important it is to shop wisely during recessions.

Fashionably yours,

                               Lana xx