Lana reviews: Oscars

When looking at the Oscars’ gowns this year, there is a clear opposition between bright red and shimmering nude colors. I can’t seem to pick a side because I’m personally loving different choices from both tendencies.

First-of-all, red is the most classical color for gowns. Plus, I believe it is the most complicated color to design and to wear. It has to be just perfect. Red is a strong color with so many tones, and each tone has a certain meaning. Hence, to be classy, a person has to chose the right gown.

My favorites of last night in red:

Sandra Bullock made one of the best choices in choosing this red dress designed by Vera Wang.
I think it’s one of the prettiest tone of red, bright yet not over-dressed.
Hence, she looks refined and elegant and the dress has the right cut for her body curves.
Her hair and makeup are very “quiet”, if I can use this word. Simple and right enough.
This is a WIN!
As for my favorite red gown of 2011 Oscars, I would chose Jennifer Lawrence (“Winter’s Bone” star) in a Calvin Klein dress made bespoke by Francisco Costa. Personally, this is my favorite tone of red, not bright yet so sexy and warm. The simplicity of this dress and the amazing body of this actress just merge so well. I adooore it!!! Wow, she’s pulling it off so well with her wavy hair and light make up and almost no jewelry.
Now, looking closer at the other gowns:
So this one is my favorite of all ! Mila Kunis, co-star in Black Swan with Nathalie Portman, looked gorgeous on the red carpet yesterday. She chose a lila dress from the designer Elie Saab. I think the choice is just perfect, lightly showing her cuves. I love her hair and make up. I also think that the jewelry she’s wearing is just enough.

My last choice would be Amy Adams in her L’Wren Scott dress. First, this is one of my favorite color ever, I think this royal blue is just amazing. It really suits her eyes and the cut of the dress is just right. However, I strongly believe she didn’t need that necklace.
Well, shortly and quickly, these were my choices of nice gowns during yesterday’s ceremony of the Oscars. I’m sure a lot of you might disagree, which makes it even more interesting to discuss.
Fashionably Yours,
Lana xx

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2 Responses

  1. Great round up! These women are absolutely fabulous..I agree with all of your choices! I love Sandra's red dress..but not really feeling the puffy thing on the back.. As for Mila..she is just superb.

  2. thank you danielle! Well i totally agree about the puffy thing, let's stay she could have done it without it!! Ahhh Mila <[email protected]