Lana reviews: Fantastic Fall with U-Magazine!

I know you’ve all heard about how much I’ve enjoyed my internship at U-Magazine throughout the month August.

This is definitely one of my favorite internships ever as I really felt part of the team. I met people I will never forget and who I really became friend with.

As for the professional experience, I kept on learning things until the last day. From helping in the styling during photo shoots, to writing and proof-reading press releases but also shopping for items according to the pre-set themes, I entirely loved it.

I was lucky to work on the September issue, also celebrating U’s first anniversary in Lebanon. I can’t wait to get the issue and see some of my work in it!!

What I love about U is how much it’s local yet so vogue. It is definitively one of the best trend guides in town. You won’t resist to the selected items!

The cover is gorgeous and it was picked from an exclusive Dior shoot by Carlos Aoun for U-magazine. I’m totally in love!

U-Magazine, September 2011 Issue

Be quick and buy your own so you check the latest trends, to get a full report on Fall/Winter ’11 collections. You will also fall in love with our over-the-top jewelry selection.

Fashionably U !!

Lana xx

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