Lana reviews: Electric Gisele for Vogue UK

December is finally here. I cannot explain to you my happiness when I woke up this morning; I think the Christmas break and all the celebrations that come with it is something we’ve been all waiting for.

For this occasion, although it’s been out for a while, I want to share with you the Vogue UK cover for December 2011. Gisele Bundchen was chosen to illustrate the crazy season coming up.

The supermodel looks amazing on the cover and I think she just perfectly portrays what we all want to feel in the coming days. Superb shape, bright colors but yet simplicity. I love how her head replaces the “G” of the word “Vogue”; which is also the letter her name starts with.

Her leggings are to die for!!

I personally love this cover because it summarizes the main winter 2011 trends. What do you think about it?!

And you must get the magazine so you get the see the rest of the pictures and discover more about her personal life from her son’s yoga birth to how she used to live with her family.

Fashionably yours,

                                Lana xx