Valentino SS16


Yes, fashion can give a message. This time, Chiuri and Piccioli move away from Rome, still looking at the beginning of time, landing in wild and tribal Africa. At first, I have to say that having been born in Africa, in Bangui (capital of the Republic of Central Africa to be more precise), I was raised and brought up on this rich land for more than a decade. As I am typing this review, I’m actually back in Africa, back to the source, visiting my family and looking for inspiration. I couldn’t help it, as the models hit the catwalk and the beat of the music got stronger, tears filled my eyes and I felt satisfied and happy to see that finally a beautiful vision of Africa was portrayed.

Italy as a European country located facing the African continent has been dealing with a severe humanitarian crisis for the past two years with thousands of refugees arriving from Senegal, Nigeria, Mali and other countries. I loved learning that the message behind this collection is actually “tolerance” and showing the world that we can all actually improve by “understanding other cultures”. Beauty can only come from that.

The strength of this collection resides in the beautiful way designers Chiuri and Piccioli were able to balance between Italian and African traditions. I love for example how the gladiator leather strips became studded, how the sandals had a carved ebony heel, how the necklaces were created in white ceramic and the use of peacock feather.

The strongest silhouette is vertical, embellishments are taken to a whole new level. My heart fell for the long tunics held at the neck with necklaces, feathers, ornaments. I loved how they recreate the traditional African printed fabric, it was draped in different ways for several pieces and for me it reflected perfectly a contemporary vision of what I see everyday on the street here in my country. Everything about this collection takes us closer to the earth, especially the warm color palette: shades of brown, white, black but a lot of green, yellow, orange. It was vibrant, full of energy and the music was incredibly well done, I was moving my shoulders while enjoying the excellence of the designs.

Having grown up on this land, I appreciate fashion for its artistic side and I find it very unique when the designers actually dig deeper and decide to spread messages. In a world where the digital is taking over human contact, it’s beautiful to be celebrating individuality.

PAP_PE16_05-1920x0_6ECQ23 PAP_PE16_05D-1920x0_AVNOMN PAP_PE16_08-1920x0_QVWNYC PAP_PE16_09-1920x0_AJHDCP PAP_PE16_10D-1920x0_MOTPQL PAP_PE16_13D-1920x0_NOO45R PAP_PE16_17-1920x0_HGXBNN PAP_PE16_19-1920x0_SORRQJ PAP_PE16_22D-1920x0_78ENWE PAP_PE16_29-1920x0_012FK6 PAP_PE16_31-1920x0_M1JZSI PAP_PE16_43D-1920x0_GSTVML PAP_PE16_47-1920x0_FLOXYC PAP_PE16_48-1920x0_AKHRFN PAP_PE16_55D-1920x0_DIMOQG PAP_PE16_80D-1920x0_EYYC70 PAP_PE16_83-1920x0_IPVKWM PAP_PE16_88-1920x0_N9RZP5

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx