Valentino Haute Couture FW16 – #MirabiliaRomae

y of Rome. I loved being able to be so close to Rome’s most authentic spirit, visiting hidden gems, discovering secret passageways, it was incredible. Quoting myself, throughout this trip, I was repeating: “can we die from an overdose of beauty?”.

I will be posting more about my experience in Rome and ‘La Mostra Diffusa’ exhibition in another post, meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at the collection.

The fashions show itself took place in Piazza Mignanelli, this space is the historical home of the brand where the ateliers and the school of couture actually are. The artist Pietro Ruffo worked on the very sleek installation, always inspired from Roman history yet suggesting a new way of looking at Rome, always towards the future. In fact, it’s exactly the spirit of the collection, celebrating Valentino’s roots and taking these essential elements to the future, given them a contemporary soul.

The Roman essence of the collection was expressed through several elements: statement brocades, luxurious details, opulent embellishments, austere capes and coats, the use of metallic thread, the very vertical silhouette.

The palette of color was also mysterious and dense with a lot of dark, strong red, deep orange, gold and dark/olive green. As they’ve got us used to, Chiuri and Piccioli were once again able to bring together in a very harmonious way various textures and fabrics: lace, velvet, cotton, fine knit, satin, silk, chiffon.

We barely spotted a couples of heels, it was all about the roman gladiator sandals. And believe me, they took every single gown to a whole new level.

As for the beauty, I loved how the very minimal makeup and the romantic loose braid contrasted with gold statement jewelry. From headpieces to very symbolic necklaces (skeleton forms), the jewelry of this collection added that strong hint of past to the contemporary aspect of the creations.

In fact, it was the attention to the details that really made a difference with this show, the perfect balance between austere looks and a decadence mood is what made us all stand up at the end of the show and spend minutes and minutes just clapping to celebrate the success of Chiuri and Piccioli. Valentino did go back to its roots yet, it proved that we can figure out our future by remembering from where we came from, spotting new little things along the way.

It’s a show that is not to be forgotten anytime soon, just like Rome, it will mark history, contemporary fashion history.

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Check the below gallery for more pictures:

Fashionably yours, Lana xx