Tutorial: Get The Holiday Makeup

The holidays are the perfect time to change your makeup style a little as you go to holiday parties and various festivities. It’s all about giving your face a natural glow. For your eyes, it always depends on what you’re planning to wear. Personally, I love going for smokey eyes; it adds a little bit of drama to any look. This winter, if you choose to go for smokey eyes, make sure to go for a color that compliments what you’re wearing. Black, earthy colors, burgundy, navy blue are big trends this season. I decided to compile a very simple smokey eyes tutorial with Fady Kataya. We went for a black smokey with dark purple lips. This season, don’t be afraid to go strong, don’t hesitate about making a statement. Even when working on a strong makeup; when it’s done correctly and with the right products; the result will only look natural!

I am wearing: a Victoria Beckham dress, Gianvito Rossi heels, Dior tribal earrings.

Makeup: Fady Kataya

Photography: Carine Badr, Gate 69.




How to get my holiday makeup look:

1. Start by applying a primer, then a foundation similar to your skin tone and finally some loose powder.
2. For your eyes : start with some eye shadow base to fix the eyeshadow color. It’s a very crucial step; especially when you’re working on a smokey.
3. Use a very dark black kohl (eyeliner) and start by drawing your eyes. Apply it in a thick, dark line above your upper lash line. Try to thicken the amount in the center of the line, while applying more sparingly along the edges.
4. Reach now for your darker eyeshadow. Start at the lash line and with your base color upward. To create the smokey eyes, you must make your eyeliner disappear. It should be entirely blended and smudged into the shadow by the time you are done.
5. Now, blend a lighter shade of eyeliner and eyeshadow (rusty brown for example) to your bottom lash line and gently smudge it. This smudging is the most important step to give you the smokey look. It’s important to have definition on your lower lashes without overdoing it.
6. Go for a light pink blush; it will give you just the right glow for your winter look.
7. Make sure to fill your eyebrows with the right color.
8. purple lipstick (Here, Fady used “boysenberry” by MAC Cosmetics )
9. Apply several coats of mascara to get a very dramatic look. (Here, Fady used “Hypnose Drama” by Lancome )

Be careful as the application of this tutorial can be a little messy so make sure to clean up around the eye area with a cotton swab once you’re done. With time, you’ll get used to the process. Keep in mind that this is a very dramatic look so keep it for your very special social occasions.

Enjoy dancing the night away, happy new year everyone!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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