Tricks and Trends: Top 5 Color Trends for Fall 2012

I may be a summer lover but even if the heat is still omnipresent, it is about time to tackle everything about the next season’s major trends. This week will start off on L’Armoire de Lana with a particular focus on Fall 2012’s most popular color trends.

Color is the easiest way to update your closet, from opulent accessories to shoes and clothes, there we go for the top 5 colors of the coming season. I must say it includes something for everyone! All skin tones, eyes’ colors and hair shades will be served.

1) OXBLOOD/BURGUNDY: Autumn 2012 new “it” color is this sort of dark wine hue. It will be everywhere throughout both fall and winter. For very bold looks, this color is just perfect when paired with neutrals, you will love it..it is the new black 🙂

Vesus Fall ’12, Gucci Fall ’12

2) COBALT BLUE: Here’s to another jewel-tone shade (after the oxblood) that will be very popular this fall. This bright royal blue is elegant and funky at the same time. You can easily pair it with black or white for a sophisticated look or go for a bolder look when pairing it with shades like fuchsia, yellow or tangerine.

Stella McCartney Fall ’12, Milly by Michelle Smith Fall’ 12

 3) PINK: Pink might be considered as the typical spring color but this year, Pantone Pantone has listed two pink shades in their fall 2012 color trend report. Pink Flambé (a vibrant, saturated pink) and Rose Smoke (a soft, muted pink) offer a greater range of choices for on one hand, those who adore pink and another for those who’d rather go for a more neutral pink!

Christian Dior (Fall ’12), Nina Ricci (Fall ’12), Chanel (Fall ’12)

4) GREEN: 

Believe it or not, wearing mixed shades of green is very “in” right now. You must note that Pantone has chosen two green shades — Ultramarine Green and Bright Chartreuse — for their Fall 2012 color report. In addition, there are tons of olive-colored items popping up in stores right now, thanks to the military-inspired trend. So if you’re hesitating about the right shade of green for you, all you have to do is to tryout all of these!

Victoria Beckham (Fall ’12), Gucci (Fall ’12), Balmain (Fall ’12)

 5) WHITE: Last but not least, there cannot be a list of color trends without some kind of neutral. For Fall 2012, white accessories and clothing are THE must-haves in your armoires.

Versace (Fall ’12), Proenza Schouler (Fall ’12)

Voila voila! Stay tuned for more about Fall 2012 in the coming weeks. September is at the doors! 

Fashionably yours,
                            Lana xx

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