Tricks and Trends: Top 12 Shoes Every Woman Must Have

I’m pretty sure shoes are a woman’s bestfriend, well at least for me. I’m sure you’ve been amassing 10 pairs of classic black pumps and a collection of pumps in the boldest colors. This post comes in to help you invest in the right pairs this season, without going in too many directions. As I never find a reason why to stop buying shoes, I decided to compiled a list of the top 10 classic pairs every lady should have in her closet.

1. Black Pumps: Obviously, a pair of black pumps in suede and leather could be your every go-to, at any time of the day. It could help you pull together any outfit, with some extra sophistication!


2. Ballerina Flats: the perfect run-around shoe, you could go for classic black or a bold/bright color. Adds a preppy note to your looks.


3.Ankle-Strap Sandals: simply, the right pair to lengthen your legs and match your summer outfits.


4. Animal-print heels: snakeskin or leopard pumps will add an exotic note to your outfits. Please, consider these as neutrals when you’re wearing them with other prints, makes the whole mix and match much more interesting. 


5. Metallic Heels: If you had asked me last season, I might not have mentioned these as basics to have but now a pair of metallic pumps is a must-have to brighter your day looks and match ALL of your evening looks.


6. Short-stacked heels: these have made their come back. Who hasn’t meet the 90’s? These shoes will make you look a tiny taller without making you feel uncomfortable. Ideal for long days at work!


7. Platform Wedges: a favorite of many women who don’t mind a lot of height..and a lot of style.


8. Ankle Boots: the sleek ones. Love them when paired with leather leggings or dresses.


9. Casual Sneakers: if you don’t like sneakers, in my opinion, you don’t like shoes. Yes, we all need a pair of fashionable kicks to match our jeans and little dresses over the weekend. I also love them with a pair of leather leggings and a denim jacket. 


10. Flat Sandals: The summer shoe. There are no limits to how you can wear them and which forms/colors would be best.


11. Tall Flat Boots: an endless classic, it is advised to own a pair in black or brown. It immediately adds style to the simplest outfits. Love them with playful skirts!


12. Combat Boots: I know some of you might find it debatable, whether these are must-own shoes. However, through snow/rain these boots are the only ones to make you come out clean!  I love how their chunky side because I believe voluminous shoes can give an interesting structure to your outfits.


Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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