Tricks And Trends: The Power of White Shirt + Blue Jeans on Men

Let me get this post straight from the beginning. Just because a guy loves or hates an outfit on you doesn’t mean you will have to stop wearing it. I haven’t seen a man abandoning his favorite football jersey just because we hate them. Yes, your personal style matters. Nevertheless, most men want to see their ladies wearing something that flatters their body and makes them look good without looking inappropriate or overdressed. Generally speaking, men love it when you wear anything comfortable that flatters your body. Yes, you will have to try to dress it down from time to time.

Several reports have shown that the one outfit all men (supposedly) love women in is a white t-shirt/blouse/tank top with a pair of (skinny) jeans. It may be the simplest look you could think of, especially that it’s made of basic items that you can find in any woman’s wardrobe but it seems to have more impact than we think!

Looking closer at this combination, blue jeans and white shirt is a clean solution that is easy to pull together and that keeps you looking effortless at the same time! The interesting part becomes how you will style these basics. Dress them up with a pair of high heels, statement jewelry and/or colorful handbags. You could also add a tight blazer, a trendy hat or your favorite pair of sneakers.

To illustrate this subject, I’m happy to share with you the below pictures from a recent photo-shoot with the extremely talented photographer Mokhtar Beyrouth.

I am wearing: white blouse with lace details from Sandro, Siwi jeans, Valentino rock-stud heels in nude color, a dark grey Balenciaga bracelet and a pair Chanel collector sunglasses with the silhouette of Coco Chanel.

For my makeup, I used: ‘Haute And Naughty Lashes’ mascara by MAC Cosmetics and “They’re real” by Benefit (I love using 2 different mascaras to get a great effect), “Orgasm” blush by NARS Cosmetics, a brown eyeshadow from Sephora and “Wardeh” lip pencil by Bassam Fattouh. I didn’t use any foundation nor powder.

IMG_7689-700px-web IMG_7694-700px-web IMG_7703-700px-web IMG_7707-700px-web IMG_7709-700px-web IMG_7721-700px-web IMG_7723-700px-web

I’m personally loving this take on modern classic outfits reflecting the independent woman.
What’s your take on the subject? Any specific outfit your lover adores on you?
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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