Silver on Silver on Silver

Four years ago, when I first started L’Armoire De Lana, my fashion sense of style was completely different. For those of you who have been following me since then, I’m sure you’ve seen the little evolution that took place. I used to be more daring, funkier with my choice of accessories and colors. I use to put together things that would basically never match and it would look just perfect. Nowadays, with my busy schedule and very long days, hopping from a meeting to another, my style has taken a little classic side, un peu a la parisienne. For my week days, I tend to go for very classy outfits yet colorful and well-accessorized. Then, during the weekend, I allow myself to go a bit crazier. The big game actually happens when I attend prominent events. It’s very difficult to focus on simply dressing up when I have an immense load of work. I have to admit to you that I have a very business oriented mind and I like to look very professional when attending my meetings. I try to avoid the cliche of the obsessed “fashionista”.

Today’s post takes me back to a more daring styling. How much do you like the metallic trend? Whether for makeup products, clothing, accessories or shoes, this trend is going bigger by the season. This time, instead of incorporating a single metallic item to my outfit, I wanted to create a perfectly balanced total look.

It all started with my huge crush on this little Babara Bui silver metallic gilet. I wore it with a simple black silk top (to tone it down) and silver metallic jeans (but this shade of silver being a little darker than the gilet’s hue). I tucked the top in from the front and left it out from the back of the outfit. My favorite touch was the silver mirrored oxford shoes, they’re little marvels!!! A little accessorizing here and there with a chain bracelet, stacked on rings and an anthracite lizard clutch, I was sure to walk down the streets and get noticed..hahaha!

I love this outfit, even if some of you might judge it as being completely alien! Enjoy mixing your metallics together, it will dress up your looks in an incredible way.

I am wearing: a simple black silk top, silver metallic jeans, silver metallic leather waistcoat, silver mirrored oxford shoes, dark anthracite lizard skin clutch, thick chain bracelet, all from Barbara Bui Lebanon. 


Location: Beirut, Lebanon 

Photography: Mokhtar Beyrouth

For more information: make sure to follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx