Tricks and Trends: The Nude Pumps

I’m sure you’ve heard that the nude pumps are this summer’s “it” shoe. In case, you haven’t got your very own yet, here are few things you should know.

My favorite part of this trend is how the nude pumps come to replace the black heels. They’re like a more summery version of the black classics, in fact, they match everything from a very elegant little black dress to casual daytime looks. Celebrities have been seen in nude pumps since last summer already, and it (almost) always works!

Some fashion stylists even say that when the nude pumps are almost like the person who’s wearing them skin color, it makes their legs look longer and thus the person appear even taller.

I’ve had my very own catch on the Louboutin version a couple of months ago but I wanted a pair that I could make use of almost everyday with no regrets when they come to extinct. I passed by Zara few days ago and the range of choice was huge in the matter! Here’s the pair I ended up buying:

I just love how good it looks on my feet and the color is just perfect to match anything that might cross my mind!

Here are few other nude pumps also available at Zara:

You should also drop buy Nine West, I’ve seen some nice ones too!

Fashionably yours,

                            Lana xx

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