Tricks and trends: For the love of fringes

Voila another Summer 2012 trend to note down when you plan to go out for a quick shopping round. Fringes, fringes and fringes everywhere from clothing to handbag, shoes and accessories.

I have to repeat in this post how much I love when Fashion is all about revisited basics. Fringed pieces are really a great alternative to simpler items. They’re easy to style and they’ll make you feel you’re wearing something trendy and different.

Today’s focus is on fringed tops, skirts, dresses and accessories that you can find at ZARA. I like to focus on this brand because it’s one of the most expanded in Lebanon and thus, you’d all have more chances of finding them in stores!

Here’s to the best items to look for when summer already appears overwhelmingly hot!

1. Dresses:

2. Skirts:

3. Tops: 

4. Messenger bags and clutches:

5. Bib necklaces:

Ready, set, shop!!

Fashionably yours, 

                             Lana xx