Tricks and Trends: Can All Body Types Wear Leggings?

Leggings are NOT pants. And yes, if worn correctly, they can look perfect on women of all body types! It’s been a while since I blogged about how to perfectly wear a clothing garment in regards to your body type. Whether you’re tall, curvy, petite or pear-shaped, discover below my tailored tips on how to rock a pair of leggings!

picture courtesy: net-a-porter.com

picture courtesy: net-a-porter.com

1. Legging Tips for TALL WOMEN:

Every lady should focus on her best assets and when it comes to a tall women, it’s all about showing off your long legs. Wear your leggings under a tunic, a skirt or any dress that you have that is just too short to be worn by itself. However, make sure to perfectly watch your pair of legging and the dress/tunic/skirt/long top. There must be a color that ties both clothing items.

More ideas:

1. You could even go for your favorite floral dress and layer it with a long cardigan and a huge scarf.

2. Or you could go for a satured colored shirt dress paired with a patterned legging and tall boots.

3. If you’re going for a casual look, try a tunic that comes down to mid-thigh length with leggings and ballerina flats.

2. Legging Tips for CURVY WOMEN:

Here’s to the hourglass figure or my favorite body type. If you’re a curvy woman, you could do amazing in a tunic/long top worn over a pair of leggings WITH a belt on your waist. In fact, your tunic should be long enough to cover your hips and the belt will come to accentuate your waist and make it the first thing to catch our attention when we see you.

I would advise you to go for monochromatic colors as they are always so flattering

well, you know what we mean. You could also go for a nice print but it should be either the top or the leggings, never both.

3. Legging Tips for PETITE WOMEN:

In my opinion and according to several specialists, petite ladies should go for  dark shades “jeggings” or the jean leggings with very tall boots. In fact, the monochromatic color will help you draw a longer visual line, giving you the appearance of more height. Low heels and flats look best with leggings, so forget about your wedges! And of course, avoid the prints for the bottoms!

4. Legging Tips for  PEAR-SHAPED WOMEN:

If you have the classic pear-shaped body (small on top, bigger on bottom), you might first believe that it’s better to avoid leggings. But I repeat, it’s all about wearing them the right way. Here’s to a tip you’ve never thought about: go for ankle-length leggings paired with a long tunic layered with a jacket or cardigan and a scarf or statement necklace. Try chunky ankle boots or embroidered kitten heels.

I hope you found this post helpful! Send me specific requests if there’s any body type that you’d like me to discuss more.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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  1. Sherin Shawish

    hey Lana, first of all i would like to thank you for sharing these amazing tips and tricks with us and second i would like to know more about the appropriate look for petite teens i’m seventeen btw 🙂 Love u xoxo