Top 3 Beauty Looks For Cannes

Time is flying and there we are. The Cannes festival 2015 is kicking off in two days and it’s time for me to finalize my look for the red carpet. It’s an amazing opportunity happening and I’m so excited I can barely imagine it’s going to be in just few days.

Being on this amazing journey with L’Oreal Paris, I want to be very picky about my beauty look. It’s important for me to go for something that reflects my personality, matches the ongoing trends yet gives me the right glow.

I did a little research and piled up the Top 3 beauty looks of the season along with the right products to recreate them. This way, I’ll give you some beauty inspiration while you can actually help me choose. It’s very confusing. Regardless of my evening gown, which look do you think would suit me the most?

Look 1: L’Or Pin-up: Love the bold pink lips, I’ve never went for such a look before. I also think the golden hues will suit my now tanned skin perfectly.

L'or pin-up

Look 2: The Barefoot Contessa: The ultimate vintage red-carpet look: eyeliner, thick lashes and hot red lipstick, like Ava Gardner in the movie: I love this!

the barefoot contessa

Look 3: Some like it hot: The most elegant beauty look to go for, inspired by Marilyn Monroe. It will definitely give me the right glow yet appear fierce.

some like it hot

Oh and I started practicing the perfect makeup for Cannes. Red lips to match the red carpet. Should I go for the old-Hollywood glam?


For my look, I started with the Infaillible 24h foundation, followed by a pinky blush and the Glam Bronze La Terra. For my eyes, I used La Palette Nude (the Beige harmony: earthy eyeshadows suit my skin tone and eye colors the best) and the Mega Volume Collagene 24H Black Smoke mascara. I finalized my makeup with the boldest touch: Blake Lively’s exclusive red lipstick, a stunner! The matte texture is just perfect.


What would you suggest I go for? Countdown mode on!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx