Tips to help you burn fat

Most of us are willing to try anything and everything to lose weight, but we don’t have the patience for it, we just want fast results.
However, that’s the worse way, the faster you lose weight the easier it is for you to gain these kilos back. Losing weight means determination and patience, it takes time to get a permanent result.
One of the hardest things to do is finding the motivation to actually start and take that first step into reaching your ideal weight.

Here are few tips to help you take that first step.

The Protein diet

Did you know protein rich foods do not only promote muscle gain but they also helps you lose abdominal fat? I would prefer always going for proteins such as fish and chicken but red meat is a great option a couple of times per week.

There are reasons to why many people have eggs for breakfast (scrambled, boiled etc..).
1- You end up eating fewer calories throughout the day
2- helps you lose body fat.
Either way it’s a win win situation, so consider having eggs for breakfast !

Eating fish is very beneficial because of the Omega 3 in their oil, If you don’t like eating fish, don’t worry! There are fish oil supplements that can help balance your food intake.
Having 1-2 grams of fish oil at breakfast, lunch and dinner will enhance fat loss.

Don’t fear fat 

Not all fatty foods are considered bad, you do have healthy fats such as almond, walnut , all source of nuts, avocado and olive oil. Eating fatty food to lose fat might sound a bit odd but choosing the right kind is what makes it work.
You can have a low calorie higher fat diet, only if the majority of fats are from the “good fat”.
Almond, walnut, peanut butter and avocado can be prefect options for snacks!
As a result, you should add more nuts to your diet, and remember that not all fats are your enemies. I’m personally addicted to a handful of nuts as a snack!

Drink cold water

Drinking around 2 cups of cold water  a day can actually boost your metabolic rate by around 30 %, which helps with weight loss. In fact, once you drink cold water, your metabolism will immediately working on bringing the temperature of the water down to body temperature.

Green tea
Green tea helps in keeping your metabolic rate up, which means it actually helps you burn more fat throughout the day. This is only efficient if you are careful about your food intake, there’s no magic tea!
On an extra note: you don’t need to drink it, you can take about 500 mg of green tea extract before breakfast and lunch.

Eat more (low fat) dairy product 

Dairy products are rich in calcium that’s no secret, however having the right amount of calcium in your body helps you lose fat.
Yes dairy products do contain fats in them, so instead of cutting them off completely simply switch to the low fat version, because
1- it will help you boost your protein intake
2 -aid in fat loss

Note: if you are intolerant, eating dairy will raise the acidity level in your body and actually make you store fat, so be very careful.


Spice things up

Spices such as chili peppers contain a chemical called “capsaicin ” that increase calorie burn at rest and during exercise as well as reduce hunger and food intake.
You can also find supplements containing capsaicin.


Eat apples 

Have you even wondered why some of the gyms you go to sometimes offer apples at the counter? Well, the reason is that apples increase muscle strength and endurance as well as directly decreases body fat, fat production and fat storage in the body.
Eating an apple pre-workout will boost your muscle endurance and strength which will help you train longer and harder, resulting is more fat burn.

Chew gum
The reason why gum is included in this list is simple, chewing gum between meals actually helps you eat less amount of food at the second meal, your food intake basically decreases.

The HIIT method  

One of the great ways to burn a lot of fat during cardio exercises is the HIIT method
The HIIT is : high intensity interval training.
It’s composed of intervals of high intensity exercises such as sprinting at your max followed by intervals of low intensity exercises such as walking.
The HIIT method helps you lose more fat during a shorter time than just walking on a treadmill for 30 to 40 min at a regular speed.


Do cardio after weights 

People who do cardio post-weight training lose significantly more fat during the first 15 minutes of cardio than people who do cardio pre-weight training.

This is just a quick roundup to get your started. Stay tuned for more specific exercises, tips and food recipes coming up.