Tricks and Trends: Sparkling in Stars

Stars make their way to our own closets to illuminate our outfits this fall! Tiny or oversized, solid or glittery, they’ll give you some sparkle in the most various forms (patterns, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, etc.).

Last weekend, I went for an outfit full of stars. It was a beautiful sunny day with quite a cold breeze; which is typical of Lebanon’s weather. I went for a navy blue overall covered with tiny white stars from Zara and a fuchsia blazer from Massimo Dutti that has stars from inside so I just had to fold the handles! I accessorized my outfit with a gorgeous silver necklace from H&M and I completed the statement with navy blue Victoria shoes.

I love it!

You got it all I’m sure, rock this festive seasons with the sparkling trend.

Believe it; you are fabulous!!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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