Tricks and Trends: Hats

All types of hats are the ultimate ‘topping’ this season. From the glamorous 70s fedoras to the berets of the sixties, hats were all over Autumn/Winter 2011 catwalks: Gucci, Lanvin, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, etc.

It seems like we’re really back to the times where your outfit can’t be completed without a hat. Whatever you’re wearing! Or almost.

Usually, hats are ‘necessary’ winter items as they would help keep your gentle head always warm. However, today I want you to start thinking of it as an accessory that would add more chic and style to your looks. It’s as if you’re deciding to wear a necklace or a very nice belt.

How-to and When-to Wear a HAT?

1) Always make sure the hat shape you’ve picked really suits you face and body allure.

2) Try not to play it too matchy when picking the right hat for your outfit.

3) Print Hats are very IN this season

4) Try to always have a bit of hair showing out of the hat; whether from the front or back of your head.

5) If your outfit is already too accessorized, avoid wearing a hat as it should stand out.

6) One of the best moments to pick a hat is when you’re wearing a pair of jeans/leggings with simple blouses/jackets/coats.

7) As androgyne is back this winter and we’ve keep repeating it, go for the masculine hats with very feminine fashion statements.

8 ) As for when to wear a hat; well by day or night, it doesn’t make any different as long as it really matches your look for the event.

Now my babies please get courageous and glamorous and heat it up with some fabulous hats!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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