Three Ways To Wear The Huawei Lady watch

advanced features. Usually, when a smart watch is revealed, we always feel concern about its design and whether it’s feminine or not. Huawei’s creations address all types of styles, as you will see in my pictures below, for the very tech-savy ones and the ones of you looking for a more elegant piece. Huawei was able to have a very streamlined and simple experience, making the watch such a great help, you can know avoid having to pull your phone out of your pocket every few minutes.

First, I enjoyed styling the watch with a very dream Georges Hobeika dress and Valentino flats, adding a modern yet elegant touch to my whimsical look. Just perfect for a stroll down Montmartre.

Then, I went for a more sleek version of the watch, styling it with a total Fendi look. The print of the look and the very unusual heels made the whole outfit appear so different, such a South Asian-inspired look.

Last but not least, I went for a different approach. Why not pairing the sleek watch with a very elegant look? Yes, to contrasts. I chose to wear it with a Dior skirt/sweater and coat. I made sure to wear the watch above the sweater for more edge.

Yes, the Huawei range of Lady watch presents several interesting options and yes, they are very versatile pieces can you can truly style the way you feel.

Lana xx