Cerina’s Feel Good Tips: The Ultimate Breakfast

Always start your day with a big cup of water, 30mins before breakfast if possible. It cleans your whole system before receiving any food!

The idea is to always try to add proteins to your meals so I’m going to give you few options for your breakfast based on this logic.

 You can eat two brown toasts or one part of the Arabic bread (brown), oatmeal (about 40g), or 2 brown rice cakes, or oat bread (choufen), with white cheese such as Labne (light or 0fat) or 3 slices of smoked turkey breast, smoked salmon, ham, bacon or 2 egg whites with one yolk, 3 pieces of Halloum light…this is all low in sugar and fat but high in proteins.

healthy-breakfastI would also advise you to add vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes: in fact, it makes you feel fuller without adding any high calorie intake.

With your breakfast, you can also have your morning coffee (with skimmed milk, sugar free or with sweetener). The idea is to stay as far as possible from the fat and from the sugars.

One advice: keep your fruit or fresh juice as a snack for 11am as your snack in between breakfast and lunch!

For any specific questions, don’t hesitate to email me on [email protected].

Cerina x

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