The Shoe Fits

 Every time I get back from a Paris Fashion Week, I feel the Paris blues. It’s always a lot of fun being around my favorite fashion city even when it gets hectic, stressful and sometimes crazily repetitive. I always feel so active when in Paris, there’s an amazing vibe about this city that keeps me going no matter how sleep and food deprived I can end up being. Every day was exciting and this couture season, I really enjoyed taking few hours off and shooting around Paris’ most beautiful locations with Hana.

The atmosphere in the city of love is naturally romantic and when it’s sunny, the light is so beautiful I cannot help but happily walking around. No matter how dressed up or dressed down, I imagine myself the princess of a Parisian kingdom where everything is just so beautiful to the eyes. I love wearing this embellished nude dress with an asymmetrical hem, the details are so subtle and the color can hint for very sensual nudity. A modern day princess yet almost hidden. I cannot resist a dress that has an open back, it’s really a matter of personal taste but I believe there’s something about the back of a woman that can tell much more about her sensitivity, about her personality than a ridiculous “décolleté”.

Be your very own modern princess. Whether dressed in boyfriend jeans or the most sophisticated dress, it’s all about the positive energy that you share with the people around you. I don’t want this little article to sound like a class on morality but the more I see, the more I understand how life is really too short for focusing on negative vibes. The more I grow up, the more I understand that it’s important to surround myself with true people that make me feel at home.

I am wearing: evening gown from The Dress Concept (Beirut), Dior nude pumps, Charlotte Olympia clutch, Cartier “juste un clou” bracelet.

Photography: Hana Predajnianska (journeyintolavillelumiere)

Location: Alexandre III bridge, Paris, France

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx