The Power of a Conversationalist

Contribution by: Shoug El Nafisi

Case at hand, I know myself to be of multiple interests, with a multitude of issues. Then again, that’s probably the case with every other person you know. What I’ve come to find, though, are two things: first, that people with many interests always make better conversation, and second, that those with interests that are farther apart, make the best conversationalists.

Getting to genuinely know people is always an enriching experience. Play it right, and you’ll find yourself filtering through a flow of professional opportunities. To put things in perspective, in today’s world, your chances of professional growth face stronger opposition. You need to have an edge. The solution: become a better conversationalist. This can be done in a two-step process.


  1. Become more well-rounded

Take the time to develop other interests you have (or look for new ones and develop those!). The most memorable people I’ve met are those who I’ve spoken with about a range of topics, and who have won me over with their depth of knowledge in many things. Eventually, your grip on a greater number of topics gives you leverage when engaging in conversation with people you don’t know. You can honestly see the chances of someone out there looking for someone like you sky rocketing.

  1. Gain ground – grow your network

Now that you’ve become a person of multiple interests with the ability to carry a conversation on any of them, it’s time to put yourself in play.

In order to be effective in conversation, you must make the right impression. That said, you’ll need to be mindful of the person in front of you as much as your are with your words and body language. Being emotionally intelligent is definitely the play maker here.
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Keep in mind that those with many interests aren’t necessarily unbound or free. In fact, most lead busy lives, and have quite a lot on their minds. What they do is maximize on their time off – they go to exhibitions, attend workshops, and more or less, go on exploratory hunts. Exposure would help you find topics of interest and set you well on your way to becoming that much better of a conversationalist.

I hope you liked that post. Stay tuned for more.

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