The positive mindset

Post compiled by: Shoug El Nafisi (@Shougin)

“If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?”
“What do you think you’re capable of bringing to the team?”


Character is valued, always. My good friend even goes to the extreme of dropping applicant CVs aside, meeting one-on-one and getting to understand where that person’s ideas are coming from. Now, let’s agree on one thing: character shows through perspective. Whatever a person brings to the table, be they actions or ideas, come forth as a result of an underlying thought process that stems from character traits that person has. If you want to make big things happen, then think big. If you want to grow, then think upwards, and if you want to be positive, then you’ll need to know what a positive mindset looks like. From what I’ve learned, a positive mindset is the frame of reference for everything. It’s your set of binoculars at the Opera house, capital “O”. Ten things that make up a positive mindset:

1. No quitting – Persistence is a key trait of the positive mindset, along with a pulling eagerness to continue on. Just like flowing water, no matter what it comes across, it makes it through somehow. There’s no giving in, but a conscious decision to let go when the time is right.

2. Make it happen – Being passive is pretty much getting you nowhere. Making the first step after a decision is crucial in getting you on your path. Remember that no one is going to take that step for you. After all, it’s your path, and your destination.

3. The past stays in the past – Dwelling on “moments when…” is likely to be a setback, and is not only a drain of energy and motivation, but a complete waste of time when done wrong. Limit your thinking of the past to beautiful memories, and lessons learned.

4. Live in the present – Looking back and looking ahead too often let you miss out on the moment that you’re in. Power, happiness, and fulfillment, all positive, result from actions taken at certain moments. Invest time and effort in taming your thoughts to the present, taking it all in through all senses, and creating what is worth remembering.

5. Be disciplined enough to manage your fears – being positive isn’t about being foolish, but being able to muster up the courage to face intimidating uncertainty, risk and failure. What matters more, is how you manage in circumstances both under and beyond your control.

6. Have faith in your resilience – Believe in your ability to take on anything, all the time. Don’t be afraid to sound obnoxious when you say that you’ll be able to move on upwards from there. No one’s judging. If anything, they’ll need the pull up too.

7. Understand others – Know that we’ve each had challenges of our own. We have experience, and no matter how different things may seem, a challenge is a challenge. Practice giving it a thought before responding to others, and try to walk in their shoes, because when you judge… Well, you’re not always right. Also, save the energy.

8. Smile – to express gratitude, pride, and appreciation. It may be the most genuine, uncontrollable, explicit gesture and yet enough to fill the room with radiance. That, and letting go of inhibitions, like holding back when reading a pleasant text message, can be liberating. In fact, social psychologists have shown the effects certain body gestures have on human minds. Give happy a chance!

9. Look back, and take pride in the journey – Take the time to meditate, contemplate on the reasons behind your actions, and take a moment to breathe. The distance you’ve come is plausible regardless of whether or not your current destination was part of the plan.

10. Look forward, and take pride in ambition – Imagination is a luxury. See the future you want, and act like you’re there. Be reasonable but challenging, and then trust yourself to rise to the occasion, all the while high-fiving those who believe in you. If you’re riding solo, then remember that a motorbike (for-one) can get you there just fine.

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