Since I launched larmoiredelana.com  six years ago, it has quickly grown into a popular destination for style lovers around the region. My blog is a peephole into a beautiful world of fashion, beauty, health and travel. Throughout the years, I was fortunate enough to develop strong and lasting relationships with all sorts of designers, brands and artists whom I have supported via my various social media platforms. As part of my blogging journey, I have developed a special interest in designer collaborations. It all started with a necklace designed with Mauboussin, which then led to accessories created with Aura Headpieces and flats produced in partnership with Poise Design.

Launching an eShop was the natural next step. Instead of creating a brand of my own, I decided to work with various of her favorite designers and brands to offer her readers and followers a beautiful selection of fashion, beauty, jewelry and household items. And although it has been tremendously challenging, after nine months of hard work the pieces have finally come to life.

For this first capsule collection, I’m extremely proud to have worked with ten renowned names: Nada Debs, Rami Kadi, Hussein Bazaza, Tarek Moukaddem, Sarah’s Bag, Bassam Fattouh, L’Atelier Nawbar, La Terre Est Folle by Joe Arida, Essie and The Creative 9. A special thank you to Bouchra Boustany, my manager without whom, this project I’ve had in my heart for the past three years wouldn’t have seen the light! Launched at SAX in Beirut Souks on December 13th 2016, this collection is now available online. We’re so proud to have sold out on so many items and we can’t wait to see you style our special pieces..

Here’s a little about my  journey with each of the ten collaborators:

NADA DEBS: Because the eShop is not only about fashion, but also about empowering those who have made a change in the world of design, working with Nada Debs was a must. I’ve always loved mother-of-pearl details on household products, especially the way Nada uses unconventional techniques to create her masterworks. We decided to name the jewelry tray “Bijou”, handcrafted using the noble material of mother-of-pearl, featuring my blog’s signature peephole in a subtle manner.

RAMI KADI: In only a few years and at a very young age, Rami has set the bar high for up-and-coming designers, giving them the inspiration and motivation to strive towards the skies. Having began our career paths at around the same time, Rami and I have lived parallel experiences. It seemed fitting to work together on my first capsule, designing ever-so-trendy embellished phone covers.

HUSSEIN BAZAZA: It all began with the Vogue Arabia Fashion Prize Award, when Hussein invited me to be his ambassador for the competition, which he gracefully won. Since then, we developed an incredible bond on both personal and professional levels. His remarkable prints are what keep me coming back for more; and so we applied his best assets on magical silk scarves.

TAREK MOUKADDEM: The day I took my first picture with Tarek, my vision of photography completely changed. Through his lens, I was stronger; and it is only after seeing myself that way that I was able to face my fears and live up to that image. His fine appreciation for design, art and antiques made the prospects of a collaboration together irresistible. The sets of coffee and tea cups we created bring a touch of glam to traditional glassware.

SARAH’S BAG: As one of the first Lebanese accessory designers to go global, Sarah’s Bag is truly a national gem. It was such a pleasure working with a brand that has always been at the forefront of charity, proving time and again that fashion can make a difference. We decided on bag straps to keep up with the current hype, adding a touch of bohemian kitsch to the four designs we came up with.

BASSAM FATTOUH: Nothing can make me prouder than to have worked with a makeup artist who was able to impose himself in the world of cosmetics through his incredible luxury beauty line. As an avid fan of his products, and a lipstick addict myself, creating a shade just for me was a dream come true. We went for something soft and versatile, only a little bit on the darker side to suit the winter season.

L’ATELIER NAWBAR: The Nawbar sisters are surely one of the first young leading jewelry designers who were able to distinguish themselves from the rest. They have always been supporters of the blog and I absolutely love working with Dima and Tania. This time, we wanted to create something not typically them, not typically me, but somewhere in between both worlds. With my favorite flower, the orchid, as a starting point, an elegant collected blossomed.

LA TERRE EST FOLLE BY JOE ARIDA: As a strong ready-to-wear label with a vision, La Terre Est Folle is always stepping up the fashion game. Sometimes, in simplicity lies the strongest messages. We transformed a basic white tee into a statement piece using nothing but five powerful letters, embossed in luscious velvet, and effortlessly rolled-up sleeves.

ESSIE: As most of my social media followers know, Essie is by far my favorite nail polish brand. Just like lipstick, I’ll never leave home without beautifully lacquered nails. Since it’s almost the holiday season, we agreed on rich glamorous hues of burgundy (“Ready to Boa”) and gold (“Getting Groovy”).

THE CREATIVE 9: The Creative 9 has been my design agency since the start, responsible for the branding of the blog. We worked together on a range of six stationary products, from pencils with inspirational messages, to tote bags for the frequent shopper and all-purpose notebooks for the creative mind.

Stay tuned for the next collection, to be revealed on February 14th 2017 and featuring new designers!

For full product range and prices, please visit http://www.larmoiredelana.com/theshop