The Fringe Bag

Happily, fringe is IN! I got overly excited about this trend that I already own a fringe purse since last summer. While I was never a big fan of the 1970s, I find myself today appreciating all the elements about this glorious fashion era. It’s as if all our looks now need this little gipsy touch to them stand out.

Fringes are now a must. Whether on a shopping bag, a clutch or even a bucket bag, they look perfect.

Last but not least, the fringe bag also inspires for affordable luxury even when the purse is a high-end product. Time to find your perfect match!

Quick tips to wearing your fringe bag:

1. Keep everything else simple: the fringe purse is a statement piece in itself and you do want it to stand out. Go for simple outfits, focusing more on the fabrics of your clothes, on the beautiful tailoring.

2. Day/Night: it’s the perfect piece to run your errands with style. A fringe purse can leverage any casual jeans/tee look. And at night, it has the right boho chic twist to add to your outfits.

3.  Camel/Black/Burgundy/White: try to go for a classic hue when choosing the right fringe bag. I’d advise you to go for camel if you like the gipsy look, black if you want it a versatile piece to match your day/night looks, burgundy or white if you’re looking for something different.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx