Thank you 2014. Salut 2015.

I can’t believe another year just came to an end. It’s just crazy how fast time is flying; how crazily things are moving.

2014, you were a very blissful year. I have to admit that you didn’t start in the most exciting ways; making me face a lot of challenges and major changes. But you were a major turning point in my life; on so many different levels.

First, I was happy to finally get married to the love of my life after several years of a very enriching relationship. It truly was the most beautiful night of my life; I could never forget everything I felt that evening.

Second, I saw my baby blog growing faster than anytime before. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to work with very exciting brands, develop collaborations with major fashion houses and create limited-edition items with labels I love. I want to thank Bouchra Boustany for being the best blog manager anyone could have; thank you for leading me in the right direction; for creating the right balance to make L’Armoire De Lana grow evermore. I’m excited for 2015.

I know it will be a year full of challenges, difficulties and surprising outcomes. I just wish God bless my family and my beloved ones because they are my strength, my power and what keeps me going out for more. I also hope for a better Lebanon, free of distorted ideas and dangerous outcomes.

What are my new year’s eve resolutions? Well, they’re numerous. Of course, I’ll be watching out what I’m eating and exercising more (hahaha) but I also promise to always be more consistent in my work; innovative in the projects I go for and genuine in everything I do.

Photography: Bachar Srour Location: Twenty Seven Beirut

Photography: Bachar Srour
Location: Twenty Seven Beirut

I wish you a wonderful 2015; full of love, health and success. Life is short; live it fully. 2015, we’re ready for you.

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