“Support system” in a fast-paced city

Contribution by: Shoug El Nafisi

At a glance, life in the fast lane barely gives you time to get work done, let alone have the time for anything and everything else. Looking closely into it though, it takes a whole lot to be able to go on and be continuously successful at that pace. There are several factors that, when they fall into place, give rise to a success-cultivating niche. A few articles ago, I mentioned that people and places should be part of your positive environment. People, especially, have the power to build you, support you, and set the path ahead for you when you need guidance.

I’ve always been fond of team dynamics, and always took part in team sports. I just really had a thing for making teams work, creating that chemistry, and occasionally damage control. Wherever that chemistry is, that’s where the magic happens. Recently, that chemistry showed up again, and the opportunities are flying in. How come?

Let’s break it down.

Practicing Mindfulness:

Being content is key to realizing opportunities. It’s in serenity that you find your greatest self. And so, find a way to find your peace. You need to remember that you’re always part of a whole, collective, or community, and that your feelings of either being whole or incomplete reflect on those around you. In fact, any feeling of imbalance, you’d see, would attract just the wrong things, as well as the wrong people.

What to do?

  1. Take time for your self each day to breathe, plan and reflect.
  2. Have your slow moments so slow, that you can savor everything that exists around you. As my dear friend puts it when she wants to remember something, “I’m taking a photo with my eyes.”

Choosing Your Company:

Networking, and continuously meeting people have become part of growing in growing cities. Personal and professional opportunities have become very much dependent on who you’ve met, and what impression you’ve made. That said, you want to be on top of your game all the time. Making that happen isn’t as tough as you would imagine. Actually, it’s about having the ones you choose to have around you there when it’s time to detach from everything else. Think of it as a means of positive reinforcement.

  1. Choose to be around people who build you, support you, and set the path ahead for you when you need guidance.
  2. Want to keep it going? Be a contributor to that team chemistry, and invest genuinely in those around you.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx