Summer 2017 Trend Report

The heat is up, shorts, tank tops and tanning season are right around the corner. Summer 2017  is re-defining confidence with the season’s hottest fashion trends. From the peekaboo look to feeling like a baby-doll. So here’s a little round-up for you to spot the right trend and get ready to update your wardrobe in order to be ready for everyone’s favorite time of the year!

The peekaboo look:
It draws the line between a party outfit and a day-to-day look. The hide and seek cut-out gives a feminine touch to your overall outfit, making you feel like a ballerina. It’s easy to style and can be worn in so many ways. You can keep it casual and wear a long tulle skirt over jeans and a tee, or you can leave a little to the imagination and reveal a hint of what lays beneath.
It all comes down on how bravely you dare to bare. Crazy? Yes, but spotted on all the runways!
















Mix and match:

This trend isn’t something new, it’s been here for many seasons. More and more brands are pushing forward with this concept. “Mix and match” is like giving you an edgy feel to look forward to, to make you feel different and help unify your daily look with varieties of brands from Dolce Gabbana to Zara.
“Mix and match” shows your uniqueness and gives you your signature look. This is when you get to experiment with your own style, putting different brands together, finding new brands to style with your classic pieces, borrowing your mother’s shoes and your sister’s sunglasses. I love this because it pushes for fashion self-expression and we all get to learn so much from each other!














Yes to underwear as outwear:
This trend is a way of showing your underwear in a funky and stylish way without feeling so shy about it. Wear your bra over your tee, shirt or even dress.
If you like to be bald, take a fashion risk and look different, this is the look for you. I personally love adding little lace details to my looks through crop tops styled over white shirts or even with lace skirt worn under other shorter regular denim skirts. It’s a super fun trend and you could go for it without having to bare it all.
















Where’s my Men’s shirt:

Now, this is old news, Women always love to wear their men’s shirts, it’s been around for so long that it deserves to have a spot in the summer 2017 trend.
Designers always get inspired by men’s wear for their collection and this season it was taken to yet another level especially with stripes being a big trend this spring. This time, designers added a twist to it to make it more feminine, even when it was looking too oversized. The men shirt can now be worn with the collar showing the shoulders or long enough to be styled with your favorite jeans.















Candy colored baby doll look:

It can’t more girly than this. The cute bonbon trend is back on the scene with a lot of pink, lace, bows, ribbons, lingerie styling and pretty much everything you need to make you feel like a doll!