Style your closet: April and berries for your nails

April means spring and everything that comes with it: sun, light breezes, blossoming flowers and red fruits.

If I had to pick one nail polish color for this month; I would say “April” by Chanel. In one word; this shade is stunning. When you first look at the bottle, you might think it’s a dull color but nothing compares to it when on your nails. Two coats and full opacity is reached with the creamiest formula you could think of.

"April", Chanel n#535

‘April’ is a reddish plum; in other terms, the color of fresh berries. Some might also describe is a soft garnet with a slightly hint of brown. It is a very sophisticated color because it’s just like a classic. I’m not a big fan of red nail polish and I think such a richly pigmented burgundy can perfectly replace all reds.

Essie previously released “berry nail”; a shade that is almost like Chanel’s ‘April’! You will love it just as much!

"Berry Nail", Essie

Imagine how beautiful and effortless berry colors would look on your nails with all-black outfits or pastels!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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