Style your closet: With the latest Converse sneakers

I’m an All-Star Converse lover. Every now and then, I like to go shop for a very different piece from their collections. I think they’re the most stylish and comfy shoes in the world. There’s nothing like wearing a cute little denim dress with a pair a converse, a large scarf and a shopping bag. This outfit can make me survive any hectic day around.

From left to right (first line then second line): Chuck Taylor Moto Leather (perfect with leggings and leather pants!) , Check Taylor Moccasin Sneaker (loving how they reinvented the perfect pair of moccasin), Chuck Taylor Mega Tongue (the leopard part, genius!), Chuck Taylor Multi Strap (love them!). 


I was recently in Italy and I was checking the latest releases of the brand and I fell for a couple of new pairs that would be perfect for a winter closet. Check them out!

Aren’t these the coolest pairs you’ve ever seen? You just try to look out for more because this winter, sneakers are the new thing. More posts about this soon.

*Pictures’ courtesy: www.converse.com

Fashionably yours,

                             Lana xx

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