Style your closet: With the heel-less shoe

Some of you may not have spotted them yet but I think it’s about time that I fill you in on the so-called heel-less shoes.

Most of us have first seen them worn by Lady Gaga but also other celebrities like Rihanna.

As you can already tell by the name of it, I’m talking about shoes with no heels. Now why would we wear a shoe with no heel? Well, I guess to make a fashion statement is a good enough reason! Furthermore, I’ve heard they’re rather comfy and it’s not that hard to maintain your balance while wearing them! Now the question is, how much will people adopt this trend? I’m sure that quite a lot!

The man behind these shoes you’ve seen on Gaga is the 26 year old, Tokyo-based designer Noritaka Tatehana. The prices are crazy as they sometimes reach up to $5,000!

Photo courtesy: http://missjeyonline.wordpress.com/

This is why I’ve also included the gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell’s heel-less pumps that I’m in love with! Please note that many brands are now including heel-less shoes too.

Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Shadow Cut-Out Platforms for $240

Starynite by Jeffrey Campbell $170.95

Night-walk by Jeffrey Campbell for $160.95

What do you think about this trend? Would you wear such shoes?

Fashionably yours,

                           Lana xx

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1 Response

  1. Honest, I do not like them at all. The design is a statement for sure, but absolutely un-sexy!

    But to give proper credit for the design; I tried the Giuseppe Zanotti design out of pure curiosity, and it is indeed comfy just like a regular wedge.